Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Katherine McPhee of American Idol.. please have my babies?!?!

Weekly notes just stuff I notice about this blog and those who visit here..

You people are sick.. and I like you that way.
American Idol has been on everybody’s minds lately.. but more importantly re Katherine McPhee’s boobs. (Tits, knockers, mommy pillows, juggs, jublies, taters, nerples, nippies, nipples, nips, nippers, areeolas)
Why do I know this, well besides being a male, and knowing what I am thinking while watching Kat McPhee wiggle around in a too tight yellow dress, or crawl around on the floor in a low topped number like he did this week.. ) I know because that is the terms that get people to this blog!

Yes, friends sex sells, video of sex really sells, and wardrobe malfunctions are priceless! How many of us praised the wind gods the night we got that nanosecond up skirt shot of Katherine? I mean come on, if that was not the most tivoed moment in American Idol history I don’t know what was!

Katherine McPhee is a sexy beast, our little informal poll bears that out, nearly 100% of participants said that she as P.H.A.T. (Pretty, hot and Tempting) And I have to say that I agree.. she is a small bit wide in the hips, but that’s nice.. you know naked she looks like a Greek Goddess!

IN watching this season of American Idol front to back, I would say it look slike Katherine McPhee has lost a little weight, and there towards the end, it was looking like my Favorite to sit longest with the girls Kellie Pickler was gaining weight.. musta’ been too much Calamari.

Anyway, I am having a ton of fun reading AI blogs looking for that glimpse up Kat’s Dress.. yes if you squint and TVIO you can see a small piece of yellow panty! YES!!! (Why do I feel so dirty.. NOT!)
Anyway, I hope everybody voted for Kat, cause I ain’t done lookin at her.
To see the Kat McPhee Upskirt look on fliker and once again thanks to youtube, I bring you Katherine McPhee and the Yellow Dress (Wardrobe Malfunction Night)

Kat you rule.

and because sex sells.. I bring you the following selection..

no I don;t think that's a wardrobe malfunction!

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