Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A few random thoughts on The Singapore Elections, MySpace, and other random things..

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A few random thoughts on The Singapore Elections, MySpace, and other random things..

Here is perhaps the best post on the Singapore elections I could find.

“ELECTIONS will be held in Singapore on Saturday. There's no doubt that the ruling People's Action Party will win. It always does. So do the elections matter to business, or indeed to anyone?These elections are different. They are attracting more adverse international media attention than usual.And in an age when business can no longer proceed in a vacuum but must consider the full context of its operating environment, the degree to which the Singapore elections are free and fair does matter.The elections were announced on April 23. Nominations for seats closed only last Thursday. That means candidates will have had just nine days to explain their policies and to campaign. It's little wonder the opposition holds only two seats in the 84-seat parliament.Short election campaigns favor the incumbents as they are already known to voters. They also limit the time frame for damaging headlines in the international media…”

Just when you think we are screwed up here by vote counting issues, bad Diebold voting machines and corrupt government, you get to take a look at something like Singapore’s electoral process.. I will now think about any Singapore native that has the stones to bitch about our corrupt system in a whole new light… one of pity and a slight western superiority (jk kinda)

MySpace: What can one say about myspace, it is a pretty neat little place to make your very own personal web-space, without all that messy HTML and stuff.. problem, is that it keep showing up on technorati.. in many cases by default. Perhaps the minds at technorati need to make myspace one of the terms that no longer show up on the top searches.. there are a list of other terms which have been filtered out. I will save you the trouble of reading them as I have been able to collect them, but let me say that many of them are the top keywords for people coming here.
I am still of the opinion that Technorati needs to have a filtered list and a non filtered list. Then when someone like me comes along, that wants to write about what is really on people’s minds, (and no I am not just talking about spamming and keyword-stacking here) we would be able to see what’s really going on out there in the global world, as opposed to the world as some censor or group of censors thinks we want to see it. I believe that to protect children form inappropriate content is noble, but censorship in almost any form is just plain wrong. Technorati, please provide the list you think is useful , as you do now, and the raw data for the rest of us.. please????

Then on a final note for this posting.. May is still Vampire Month..
Plans for May include:
A Duke Lacrosse Private Eye story involving Vampires, and lots of hot steamy sex.
Things I can gleen from the web , photos, art and stories involving Vampires and Vampire like themes.
Readers submissions, Readers, if you have a vampire story or even poem, submit it as a comment, I read them all , and if it is of any quality I will post it and do my best to promote it to the world.
Photo and Art submission should be emailed to me, see my profile for email address.
Also if you have a favorite Vampire website, post it in the comments, I may just do a review of it too.. along with give it a plug and a link from here.
Keep your emails, comments, and blood flowing, this month is going to be a hell of a ride.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysian Press reported the Workers' Party rally story @

Why are such details not present in our local papers and televison?

welcome to wallyworld said...

Fuck Slingapore, check out The Camel Toe Song on my site