Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Morning, sweet kind and gentle perverts.. May is Vampire Month!

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DOn;t worry, I will get back to the Adventures of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye soon enough.. part Nine is coming and you have to wonder who will be cuming in part nine now don;t you.

I have been waging a mental debate with myself.. should I introduce this month's theme (Vampires) to the Duke Lacrosse story? ANd the answer is no.. Duke needs to stand alone, in the halls of goofy cyber humor-erotica without the introduction of another "gimik" so no there will be no vampires in the Duke Lacross : The Tammy NYP INcident story.. however, that is not to say that there will not be another story another Duke Lacross Story which introduces a vampire like theme.. sure this one has a lot of sucking.. and some people have said that hte whole story sucks.. but Vampires will have to wait to meet Duke Lacrosse Private Eye, at least for now.

If ther eis a person left that does not have their own blog. I invite you to submit your very own Vampire stories here.. if you do have a blog with a vampire theme.. I will be searching fo ryou this month and posting your link here.. if you write well or even type better than I do.. I may include an excerpt from your blog.. (in case you have not noticed.. a random sampling from the infinite monkeys , you know the ones that typed mac beth, woudl yield a better typing sample than 90% of this blog!)

So my Dark and Gothic brothers and sisters.. hit me with your best shot..
Now I will shamlessly promote some stuff for you to buy.. because when you buy from Random Thoughts Random Spellings.. you are supporting a seal on a mission.

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