Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gratutious Sex adn Violence plenty to go around too.

Hello kiddies.. yes it is Vampire Month in the bloggosphere.. and so the first thing Nix does at Tomb of Anubis is review Within The Woods.. not a fucking vampire in sight.. in fact it was not even a movie, it was a 30 minute promo to generate money for the making of Evil Dead. (A killer fun flick by the way, but still not a fucking vampire to be seen for miles!)

So nix you evil dead obsessed person you, how about a vampire flick.. last month it was National Poetry Month and you managed to come up with something, this should be easy for you.

And just because I love you all, here is your overtly sexual vampire picture of the day..

I am still hoping to kill off somebody in the Duke Lacrosse: The Tammy NYP Incident story sometime this week, but so far it looks like the only thing getting killed in that story is the humor.. how many jokes can you make about an underage girl from Singapore who’s goodies have circled the world a few million times via camera phone porn download? (Okay, you don’t have to answer that).

Duke is going to face his strangest and perhaps sexiest challenge to date with this months story.. Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: You wanna suck my what? (A working title) where vampire wenches and Duke go at each other with oral attacks and plenty of sucking for everyone involved.

So be sure to keep tuning in for the exciting and well overdue conclusion of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: The Tammy NYP Incident and the Exciting beginning of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: You wanna Suck My What? Coming soon..
In the mean time you may get your gratuitous sex and violence from Tomb of Anubis, be sure to tell Nix to suck a fat one, and give us some vampire shit this week… biotch!
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