Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Duke Lacrosse: The Tammy NYP Incident, part 11.. 11 inches of Edgar.

(photo thanks to Wikipedia)
When last we left Poor Duke Lacrosse Private Eye, he was in Nix's Porn Studio.. called Nix-e-Clips and it is here we pick up our story.

That’s when we made it to the last set.. the red light over the door indicated that “filming” was underway.. slowly Nix turned the handle, and slowly my eyes grew accustom to the bright lights, and focused on……
... focused on the scene within, it was a dame, with the shape of Wednesday, she was tied up in some sort of contraption and all covered in what looked liked paten leather.

All but the good parts that is.. I recognized her pert breasts from across the room.. I would never forget those nipples that had knocked me out.. and could put an eye out when temperature dropped below 40 degrees.
Then my eyes came to rest on the other two "slaves" both women judging from the breasts that lay exposed from there matching paten leather outfits.. all had masks, but judging from the small light breasts and large, too large darker skinned breasts I guessed these slaves to be Tammy and Ebony. And there in the middle of it all was Edgar! That son-of-a-bitch.. after that whack in the skull he gave me in part 8 (was it 8 see knocked me senseless) I had a bone to pick with him.. and it wasn't anything like that bone he had sticking out of his patent leather drawers..

I saw Red..

Nix put a restraining hand on my shoulder, and before I had a chance to knock the shit outta him he said "Wait Mr. Lacrosse.. you will want to see this.."

Tammy and Ebony were on there hands and knees, Edgar stood above them, a riding crop in his hand.. he smacked Tammy and then ebony hard on their tightly wrapped asses, each girl let out a little yip of pain when the blow was delivered.. then he reached down and firmly grabbed a handle on the top of Tammy's gag/mask.. he unzipped the mouth.. and puller her roughly onto his hard cock.. she sucked like a good little slave should.. then as roughly he pulled her away, and zipped her back up.. it was Ebony's turn now, and the same treatment was given to her.. a rough pulling of her masked head onto his long hard cock.. several hard fucks to her face.. so hard I think I heard the "pro" gag at one point, then as roughly he pushed her away and re-zipped the mask..

He then turned his attentions to Wednesday.. she was tied with her hands above her head.. masked and helpless.. he walked behind her, and I hear a "snap" of the riding crop as it dropped down hard on her exposed ass.. she jumped at the sting, but made not a sound..
I wanted to go to her, to save her, but then I felt the barrel of the heater Nix had pulled on me poke into my ribs..
"There there, Mr. Lacrosse, let's not do anything foolish..." He said just as cool as an ice cube slid across one of Wednesday's nipples on a hot summer's day..
I started to tense thinking I could take him.. but what good would I be dead on the floor of this porno pit? I relaxed and decided to enjoy the show..
and so end this portion of the continuing conclusion of Duke Lacrosse, The Tammy NYP Incident. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting conclusion.. muhahahha..

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