Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye, Part Ten, You DOn;t Have to be a 10 or even have 10.. but it don't hurt.

Everyone knew Nix.. he was the writer producer of all of those 30 second porn clips that were so popular on the web nowadays. He had written all the best known porn lines.. "Hit dat shit", "thow it in my azz", "I didn't know you had a twin sister" and of course perhaps most famously "Who's yo daddy", yes he had written them all.. most resently he had come onto the scene with a series of movie reviews on a website called Tomb of Anubis, where he had mixed his writing abilities (Hit dat shit = magic in my book) with his sense for good gore and overt sexual content.

In fact if you go right now to Tomb of Anubis, you can view his latest and greatest review piece.. (Nix that'll cost you a fiver)

His office was only six blocks away, so I decided to walk it this time (where is my fucking car?)
The big red sign in front read Nix-e-Clips and it confirmed my thoughts, it was his card I had seen in the Tammy NYP Video Download.

The front door was open so I invited myself in.. it was too early for the receptionist to be in, but I figured his office was the one upstairs. (Seeing how there was a sign that said Mr. Nix and an arrow that pointed up at the bottom of the staircase wall... I may be a private dick but I ain’t no Sherlock Holmes.) So up I went, the creaky steps I was sure would give me away, so I pulled my heater out, and proceeded without caution.. why be cautious when they know your coming I always said..
At the top of the stairs was a small poorly lit landing, and only one door, a great oak door, with a gold placard on it that simply read.. “Nix.”

I busted in.. throwing my shoulder into the door three times, before finally checking the knob.. it was not locked.. I felt like a heal, and my shoulder felt like squirrel under a tire on the highway…

Nix sat calmly at his desk.. despite my rather large and obviously angry bulk in his undamaged but thoroughly ran into door frame.. even the sight of my gun did not seem to shake him up..
“This is one cool cucumber Duke” I thought to myself.

“So where is she” I demanded “ Where’s the girl?” I sad sounding more shook up that I had wanted to..

“Come in, relax Mr. Lacrosse” he said cool as can be. He gestured towards a chair next to the desk. “Come have some coffee, and I will help you find, Tammy, or is it your girlfriend Ms. Wednesday that you are desiring? Come Mr. Lacross, there’s no need to be unfriendly” he grinned at me..
I wanted to smack that shit eating grin full off of his face, but he seemed willing enough to talk for now, and I had to wonder how he knew who I was looking for.. hell I wasn’t even sure if I still cared where that Tammy slut was, I was just concerned about Wednesday.. So I sat.

Then Nix, got up moved across the office, I kept my gun pointed full at him, and went to a coffee service set up on a table not too far from his desk. “Coffee Mr. Lacrosse?” he said that still to charming grin on his face..
“Yeah, sure, sweet and light.” I sad flatly.
“Just like your women.” He said , and that some-bitch had the gall to chortle a little at that.

He made coffee for both of us, and brought me mine, he looked down at my heater once, with a look of distain, and said’ You’ll find no need for that kind of gun here, Mr. Lacrosse, but if you feel better with it out.. so be it”.

Having not told a sex story of joke this whole part yet, I was anxious to get to business..
“So where’s Wednesday.” I demanded.
“She’s here , and waiting for you.” He said, moving to the large set of windows behind his desk. “Come Mr. Lacrosse, come see if you can find her.”

I went to the windows and stood beside my strange host. It was like I had seen in manufacturing plants, he had a full set of windows looking out over a “production floor”, only here, it wasn’t farm equipment they were producing, it was porn. There must have been 80 or 90 small sets, all with some sort of perverted action going on in front of a camera in them! No there was no farm equipment here, but there were some farm animals!!!

“That’s quite the operation you have going on here.” I said in amazement.. “How does she get her legs to do that” I then said pointing..
“Come Mr. Lacrosse, let me show you around”. Nix said now showing some interest.

We went out a door in the back of the office and down a flight of steps onto the “production floor” here Nix showed me the entire operation.. I committed all of it to memory thinking how much this was going to save me in porn rentals next month.. and of course looking for Wednesday in the fray.. at this point I would have settled for any sign of Wednesday, Tammy , Edgar, or Ebony, but after looking at the remake of Debbie Does Bangkok IV and The Farmer, his Daughter, and the Three Little Pigs, and Twins Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and The Kama Sutra, Ancient ways to Tie your Dick in Knots. (This one was an actual educational piece) I still felt no closer to finding anyone of the other players in this twisted tale.. but I was amazed at the scope of his operation..
"How many movies do you make here?" I had to ask.
"We make about 12,000 movies a year and closer to a million 30 second teaser clips" he said with a look of self love.
"I have seen some of your work" I said enthusiasticly
"Nearly every Male on the planet has seen and spanked to our work here." He said a real grin of self satisfaction across his face" We bring joy to million each year. Just look at what our little Tammy NYP shoot did.. it got a whole segment of the population talking about us."

My head was spinning, imagine all the wonderously naughty things that were happening all aound me.. (I would describe some of them here, but I decided I woudl let your fill in the blanks this time around) It took me a full minute to comprehend, the gravity of his last statement, "the Tammy NYP vido.. was done HERE?!?!? " I thought aloud.

"That's right Mr. Lacrosse. When it comes to internet porn these days, all roads lead here. This is why I was not suprised to see you." he said again too cooly for my liking.

That’s when we made it to the last set.. the red light over the door indicated that “filming” was underway.. slowly Nix turned the handle, and slowly me eyes grew accustom to the bright lights, and focused on……

So concludes this episode of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye.. The Tammy NYP Incident.
Tune in tomorrow of the next day, or maybe the day after that for the continuing conclusion of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye..

Here's soem erotica for you, in case you missed it in this episode..
book links provided by cause amazon don't just mean a tall woman in leather any more.

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