Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Vampire Movie Review.. Underworld Part II

For those of you still unfamiliure with my site, adn my reviews.. here's how it goes.. I usually do them in under 4 minutes.. and I rarely if ever use spell sheck.. seeing how I have to type with my feet (it's a flipper thing) I will warn you, what you are about to see, may not be pretty...
Movie Review : Underworld II.

May is Vampire Month here at RTRS and what better way to kick it off than with a moview review..

Last night I watched Underworld II..
and seeing how I only have given myself 4 minutes to type this.. I will make it brief.
Sexy as hell.. lady vampires always are..
Vampires vs. Wearwolves.. cool.
Vampires and Wearwolves from same family, one brother goes to find other brother, chaos , gore and sexy as fuck shots of lady vampire ensue.
If you have not seen Underworld II (Evolution) you may have a hard time folowing the names though the sttory line.. if your spouse talks their fucking ass off through the movie you may have a hard time folloing the names though the story line.. but the gothic/sexy shots and gore more than make up for that.
I give this movie 3 out-a 5 steaks through the heart.
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Pax.. or not.


NixEclips said...

Kate Beckinsale is fucking hot as shit.

Anonymous said...

yes she is! (I came three times)

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