Saturday, October 29, 2005

8:00 and time for a redo..

okay, one thing that is nice about blogging, is that when you have written somthing that really just does not feel right.. you can go back and delete it.. I have done this tonight.. with two posts.. and I feel better for it.

You see I have been depressed the last few days.. or at least I think it is depression. I am not that sure what the fuk is wrong with me.

Problem is I don;t have ANY energy.. I feel sick in the body, but not really sick? (Does that make any sense?)

oh oh.. 11:00 and I am redong again.. biy did I go on a tirade (sp?) okay I feel better now, I just needed a little time to clear my head.. happy Haloween.. if I dont; see you before then.

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NixEclips said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, depression. Or not. It's up to you to decide, my friend.

I've found with my "new" job, that that no energy feeling can come from what you are eating. Perhaps you could take stock of what you've been putting in your body and make some changes for the better.

But if that's not the problem (cuz I don't fucking know), you probably just need a close friend or loved one to talk with and set free whatever is eating at you.

Anyway, hope you really are feeling better.

Nix says: Thank god I'm back home for Halloween. Now if only there was something to do!