Friday, October 28, 2005

web hosting and other web things.. for cheap..

Okay so I was just looking for a way to promote a few new ideas.. and I came across this.

Have you ever thought about getting your won website? Or do you currently have a websie and are thinking of starting another?

I have several, and a few actually make me money.. yes it is still possible for someone without the greatest of intelligence to make money with a simple website..

I have sites hosts at and GoDaddy, but this one

seems to give you a whole lot of bang for the buck.
I say give them a try.. go ahead you know you want to..

At least go register that killer website name you have been thinking about.. or start that webpage dedicated to your bad poetry for all I care.. but do it. The internet is perhaps the one area where we as people are most free, free to say what we think, free to exchange ideas and concepts, with people across the street or across 12 time zones.. it does not matter.. so you have something to say don’t you? Well go and say it! Be free be a netnic!

I am and it makes all the difference in the world..

Peace pass it on.

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