Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Auto loans for credit cockroaches..

are you a credit cockroach? Do you still have to get to work? or do you not have to work but can;t get laid driving a 1974 pinto.. give these fine folks a try..
I hear that they will even finance fords!

Apply Now---Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem!

go ahead click it.. even if you don't want a loan.. even if you are just looking for a way to get the hell out of here.. go on.. you know you want to..
I like the Mimi (cooper) in the picture.. it mearly inspires me to get a loan to buy my wife a new car.. I wonder if they will finance a new lotus for me? My old one is getting a littel long in the tooth.. okay not really.. it is still mind bogglingly fast.. and oh so sexy.. and has only 28,000 miles.. yep only 28.. you hate me now don't you?

Actually I am thnking about buying one of thenew pontiac's you know the convertable.. the what is it Solaris? Solarus? Sootwalrus? I have seen on at the dealership and I have to say that it is very very sexy.. too bad the douchbags at the dealership won;t let me test drive one.. if it were half as fast as the olotus, I woudl truly consider it.. well for my wife of course.. :)

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