Friday, October 28, 2005

my most successful experience making money on line.

Alright, I have teased a little about making money with your computer online.
I have done this, so I really do know that ist can be done y anyone with a little time, and effort.

Oddly enough, the most "profitable" experience I had was no big secret.. it was eBay.. yep, the old standby.. the online auction.

Okay here is how it goes.. pay close attantion cause it gets tricky here..

I was and am a book collector.. I needed some cash.. I sold some of my books on ebay, mostly old and antique stuff.. but not all were antique or rare or anything else.. they were just books.

I would spend about 4 hours every saturday going to yard sales or thrift stores collecting books.. some I kept some I sold.. and it made money..
I have friends that go looking for just plain old bizare stuff.. junk to most people, adn sell it on ebay.. and they make money!
I know one person who buys designer clothing from Goodwill and sells it on ebay.. she makes MONEY!
I know one person that sells swimming pool acccesories in a retail store, that also keeps a store on Ebay.. adn he makes money!

I know another person that collects precious moments.. and sells the duplicates on ebay.. she makes money!

I know one person that buys lots of whatever, at business auctions, for retail places that are forced to liquidate.. and guess what.. he makes a LOAD OF MONEY!

Here's the one that gets me.. one friend in California, spends all day looking on ebay, for items that are mispelled or placed in the wrong catogory.. he buys them, then relists them on ebay and makes money! (For him it is a full time gig!)

SO here is my challange to you.. click the ebay banner above, sign up.. then go grab something you were going to throw out, or sell at your next yard sale.. and list it. You may be very suprised at how much you make from it..
I spend one full year of my life, not working for anyone, but rather selling my books on ebay.. I worked about 4 hours an evening, I spendt the rest of my time fishing or hanging out with friends or family! Why did I stop and go to work for the man? Well, for me it was a geographic problem.. but I tell you this.. if the man ever fires me.. I promise you, I will go back to where it is warm and sell crap on ebay for a living.

Here are a few tips for best results:
make sure that your spelling is correct! People will find your item using a search feature most of the time. (Throwing a few mispellings in for fun is not a bad idea, but not exactly approved by ebay)
Post a picture of the item. If you can;t take a picture, go find a picture of a similar item online and post it (but be damn sure you say, item is like, or similar, or exactly like, the one pictured) DO NOT TRY TO FOOL ANYONE! with a bogus picture! Not only is it rude, it is against ebay rules.
Do not break the rules.. there is no need to, and for long term profits, it is an exceedingly poor idea.. you can't make profits if nobody will play with you.. or if you are banned, so don;t do it!

Use paypal to take payments.. most shoppers on ebay are famliure adn comfortabel with paypal, sure it costs you a bit, but so does taking a credit card if you were a store on a street somwhere.

Write sappy and short discriptions.. yout title may bring them in, and needs to be keyword rich, but your discription will make them bid.. keep it short whever possible and as enthusiastic as is reasonable.
Now go give it a try.. it is cheap and you have very little to loose..

As a book seller, their new system makes it easy to list so many books you will have a hard tiem finding time to package them all, once they are sold..

If you can find a bunch of the same item.. list one, and then use hte relist feature.. Multiple item auctions don;t seem to do as well for me.. so one at a time.. unless you have say 12,000 of one thing that will sell for a nickle a piece individualy.. it is worth the extra time to do them one at a time.

No go. click that banner.. make some money.. and write back here to tell your story!


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