Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shopping for a new hot tub! Wanna take a dip?

Shopping for a new Nordic Crown, but I am a little over 6’ tall, and it is a bit shallow for me.
So I am off to look-see.
I have had no problems with my tub, and I am leaning toward another Nordic now. They have a new model called the CROWN XL that looks good. The Crown XL is 4" deeper than my old Crown, adn according to the salesman it has a bigger motor and more jets!
I like the round shape and the whirlpool, is great when you don’t want jets right on your back all of the time. (Like durring those romantic moments...)

Then I see that there is also a new square tub called the escape premium, with two water pumps!, it is square but they tell me that it has a remarkable whirlpool action.. so I may take a close lootk adn a wet test of it too..

Last time I bought I went to a website at and talked with the webmaster, nice guy, he pointed me toward either a Sundance or a Nordic, and in the end with my budget the Nordic won out.
I see that Nordic is still on their recommended hot tubs list. And with that in mind, I feel that I will get a good tub for not a lot of money.
I will keep you attuned to how this turns out.

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