Monday, October 24, 2005

Movie Reviews, one surprisingly good, one surprisingly bad.

Well tiz the season to watch scary movies, and I rented a couple this weekend. One was suprisingly good, and the other was suprisingly bad.. well not bad really, just kind of boring.

The Movies were Dee Snyder's (Formerly of Twisted Sister Fame) StrangeLand

The other was Exorcist - The Beginning

Can you guess which was good and which was bland?
Yep.. Dee Snyders movie was actually pretty damn good. I was expecting somthing along the lines of Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses . (A real crap bag IMHO) But I was suprised, it was not all that poorly written, not all that gory, but was TWISTED AS ALL HELL! It was like Hanabal Lecter and you not so run of the mill carny had a child, and it was CapnHowdy!

Sure StrangeLand is twisted and sick adn not for the faint of heart, but what a great date movie! If you want to scare your date into getting close while the lights are on, this one is 4 stars!

First we watched Exorcist - The Beginning when I was a kid the orriginal (The Exorcist )was out, I saw it at home a few years later, as I was a bit young to see it in the theater at the tiem it was released.. the orriginal The Exorcist scared the hell outta me! I was hoping that after a few years to properly ferment, some warped mind would come to the plate with a movie to rival the orriginal.. I was let down. While not in total a bad movie it was boring by the standard set so high by the first. The plot moved along quick enough I guess, but you just never did care for any of the charictors, and in the end which I will not give away, you realy didn't care if any of them were left alive.. in fact at one point I was hoping that the "evil" would just wipe everyone out and be done with it. So my final review.. Exorcist - The Beginning not bad enough to make my Movies that Suck Reviews but not good enough to recomend.

StrangeLand A real suprise.. worth owning, will go nicly next to your Hanibal Lecter Collection, or even with your House of 1000 Corpses delux edition.

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