Wednesday, October 26, 2005

comment spam.. how do you stop it?

Well you can turn on confirmation.. I have it..
You can just not read your comments adn hope that the spammers enjoy writing to themselves.
you can.. cry.
or you can click their links... if they have g0ogle ads you can then click on them.. again and again and again, and every day you can go back and click some more.. eventually they will loose their google account for click fraud... but that's not nice.. so perhaps beter than that is to ask other people that visit your blog to do this..
I wont tell you which of the above I do.. but let me say that a marco set up to click ads is an easy program to write.

Now here is one other.. tactic.. I like to have an account name that I do not care about.. if you then go to a smpammers page, and they have anyway to leave a comment.. you do so.. but be sure to call them a spammer.. about 900 times in the post.. or just start talking about your gay experience with them.. that one works too.. or tell them that you know who thay are and what they did with your wife.. that's always exciting.. or ask them if they ever got therapy for their beastiality.. or if that rash ever cleared up.. of if they have gotten over being mad at you for the herpes.. the potential here is endless..

Now go out and cause a little havoc for some spammers.. it is a far greater then you do today.. *yada yada yada)

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