Thursday, October 27, 2005

making money with your blog.. a continuing saga...

Okay it comes down to this.. if you are going to rant and rave or post your really bad poetry on the web for all to read why not try and make a little money doing it???

I have tried a bunch of things to make money on the web and some of them are surprisingly successful. Some of them I will share with you and some I will not, just because I don’t want any competition.. but here is one plan for you as a blogger that might just work..

First you have to get traffic to your blog, read my other posts on that.. lets just say it is not easy , but it ain;t impossible either.. plus you have the added bonus of throwing post out into cyberspace and the chance of someone stumbling into it days, weeks, months or years from now.. so keep posting.. and posting and posting..

But here is my suggestion de’jur for bloggers that wanna make a little money..

Join a program like

Click here for Commission Junction


Then when you have written a post, go find a program that jives with your theme.. if you look into my next couple of posts you will see me testing a banner for an auto loan company and for something else.. it is easy to get HTML code for a banner and post it into your blog..
Then keep posting ads into your blog posts.. and forget them.. that’s right forget them.. let them sit and soak in cyberspace.. with luck the right person will come along and click on your banner, or actually buy something from the company you are advertising for.. if you are like me, and post here regularly.. you will soon have hundreds of opportunities to make a little ka-ching..

And of course sign up for google ads ASAP! Google’s adsence is perhaps the best pay=per-click program on the net right now.. if you do not have it. You are loosing out big time!

(Trust me I have more than one pay-per-click program I use, Google RULEZ!


superclosetnerd said...

Interesting stuff... I'm going to have to bookmark this and come back later to check it out. Off to work for now. I know, I work late, but there's no traffic!
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