Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tired of getting screwed on ink? I am ..

okay I am tired of buying printers and then finding out that replacement ink costs damn near as much as the fucking printer did!

It would be like buying a car and finding out that you have to use the auto manufacturer's oil and it cost $1000 a quart!

How can ink for my epsom cost $95!!! or my HP cost $65.. the HP printer cost me $100 after rebates! And the Epsom cost $250.. at this rate I will but it every 6 months for as long as it runs!

My feeling is that they should give yo free ink if you sorted thorough all the options and bought their product.. but NO that would only make me happy.. and why oh why would the printer manufacturers want to do that!?!?!!

I may have found a solution..

SAVE up to 75% on Printer Ink, Toner & More!!

Click the link above and save some serious green on ink.. even on green ink..

I kinda wonder how much it costs to make a rpinter, and how much it really costs to make all that ink and tonner I keep having to buy.. when did we come to this point?? Can you imagine that paper is nearly free but pens and pencils will cost you a half a weeks pay?
There should be a law.. (okay not really.. there are too many stupid laws already.. but somone shoudl go smachk the hell out of the buying public for being so stupid.. like me)

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