Thursday, April 06, 2006

American Idol Notes: (from a viewer)

Yes, another week, I have watched the saga that is American Idol.
I do not think that there were any suprises last night. Mandesia go bye-bye.. come on we all knew should would not make it to the end, and I am sure she will sing professionaly so no big loss for her.

Did anyone notice Kenny Rodgers? WTF? He's had more work than Michael Jackson! okay maybe not more than michael.. but damn, he does not look like himself at all!

I am still betting on Chris and Kelly for the #1 and #2 spots..

Did anyone notice how close Ace and Kelly were sitting last night? Somone should tell Kelly that he is homosexual.. then explain to her what a homosexual is.

Kelly did look exceptionaly do-able last night.. god I love the dumb ones.. you can tell them anything.. she is going to make some lucky bastard a fine wife.. Can you imagine.. she goes off makes a platinum record.. you tell her she made a whole $12,000, "now git in the kitchen and fix me a turky pot pie.. " (smack)

and she would believe it!

Actually, I really like her.. I think she's cute in a doe caught in the headlights kinda way.

Chris: I really like his voice, I am not really even into his style of music, but that boy has got pipes.

Can we now just fast forward to the Chris Kelly showdown.. please?
I have had enough American Idol for one season...

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