Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tammy NYP is back! FUCK YEA! The Shower Video!

Capital Region People: Tammy NYP, Comments and Trackbacks (Oh My!)

I was stunned to see her re-grow leggs.. and even more stunned to hear that there was rumor of a new "Shower" video!
Hey Mal where the fuck were we on that one? I ask.

Believe me, if there were a shower video of Tammy NYP I woudl have a copy.. even though technical it is child porn.. well I guess thaat means I woudl not have a copy.. but she's gotta be getting close to 18 don;t she?

So sure if you go searching, you will see that the shower video is most likely a hoax.. but lets face facts here kids.. for schmoes like me, trying to attract readers, i need at least one good tammy NYP a month.

For those of you who are not familure with Tami, Tammy, Tamy, NYP, NYU, tammynyp.. just put NYP in the search box (upper left) and click.. you will find all sorts of Tammy stuff..

Welcome back Tammy, I missed ya!

If anyone reading this knows tammy, tell her that i have a lucrative film contract to discuss with her upon her 18th birthday.

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