Thursday, April 06, 2006

Movie Review: House of D.

I was happily able to watch “House of D” last night, uninterrupted!

I rented it from Netflix.
I have always liked Robin Williams, and remembered seeing a preview while strolling through blockbuster several months ago, (before I signed on to netflix)
I remember thinking that it looked like an okay movie that me and the wife and I would like.

I was very impressed with this film.
David Ducovney (X-files fame) and Robin Williams did an excellent job.
I am not sure of the kid’s name who played David Ducovneys roll as a kid, but he was great too.
(You do not get to see much David Ducovney.. so what little he did.. I will give him props for)

It is a story about a mentally handicapped man and a boy who are friends, and have a falling out as that boy becomes a man.. (13). It will male you smile, laugh, and perhaps cry.. I do not usually sign onto movies that don’t have at least one killing (per every 10 minutes) but in this case I will give “House of D” a 4 star rating!.

(Somebody dies.. but it is without benefit of a chainsaw, so that does not count)

rent it or buy it, but watch it.

oh yea did I mention it has Tia Leone’ in it!

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Anonymous said...

bad grammar..."movie that the wife and I would like" leave out the me!!! thanks for the review

DelorumRex said...

oops.. I typoed can;t belive that.. (have you read any of the rest of this blog?) --- I don't think so.
Seeing how the review was not to be graded I did not proof it..
and seeing how you are not my 10th grade english teacher.. and that I get paid to write now.. I guess that all means you can suck my balls.

Sorry.. you found it nessasary to leave a comment, and could not resist the urge to make yourself feel "superior". You should learn to relax, English above all other languages is fluid in its useage, always has been.. and then (after you have sucked my balls) go read a few of my more atrocious grammerical errors.. with lots of misspellings and typos to boot.
and have a nice day.