Thursday, April 06, 2006

more poetry.. Haiku.. well it's april and don;t balme me, I did not invent Haiku.

first you shoudl know that as a rule I think Haiku is stupid.. I really tried to impress the chicks with my ability to spout haiku when I was in my 20s.. but the more i did of that, the more Haiku i commited to memory the more I realize just how much it all sucked.
but for those of you who do not find Haiku stupid or just plain silly I give you this..
from: This cool little blog

One of my favorite haiku poetry books is Haiku: The Poetry of Nature, edited by David Cobb. Here are a few spring poems from the book:

snow melts
and the village floods
with children


frisking horses
also sniff at their legs
wild violets


on the ebb tide beach
everything we pick up
is alive


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