Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Anyone remember this video? Green Jelly! The Three Little Pigs

Check it out..

Thank you youtube...

Don;t ask me why , but when this song first came out, I could not get enough of it.. I actually own the Album.. piece of shit other than this one song..

why is that so oftent he case.. one good song and 45 minutes of fucking noise.
Rememebr when Smashmouth was new.. and had that really hip 50's / 60's sounding tune.. (I forget it's name), well I bought that CD too.. complete piece of shit! It did make a fine shark lure however.

And to think that the record companies are gettign pissed 'cause we want to download one song at a time.. (for free) rather than pay for a CD with one cool tune and a whole lotta crap.
While we're on that subject, I think that anyone over the age ot 30 shold be able to download tunes for free.. because we have already bought billions of dollars worth of SHIT just to hear one good song.. them fuckers owe us!

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