Monday, April 03, 2006

Announcing the Douche De'Jur! Pianka

As a logical member of Dr. Pianka’s 90% I have to say.. Save the planet..(from the stupid) Kill Pianka.

It would be better if Pianka had said, “If we kill the stupid people of the planet” or “If we kill the Neo-Cons of the planet” or even “If we kill the Eco-Nazis of the planet” but no he said kill 90% of the general population!

(Even Hitler only wanted to kill of a minority, the Jews.. this fucker wants to see us all go!)
Read the story here

.. ‘cause I ain;t makin this shit up!

(Here I thought Pianka was another Pavlina moment.. come to find out.. he’s just a whack job with a PhD.!)

Perhaps we should make Pianka’s name synonymous with a hot babe who digs taking it analy?
Whatta ya say Mal?

(Interesting fact.. when I checked the tag "Pianka" this picture popped up at techno.. yup Pianka likes it doggy style)

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