Thursday, April 06, 2006

Natl' Poetry Month.. submit your Tammy NYP poem TODAY!

Well I think it is high time that someone immortalize Tammy NYP with a poem.. and I want you fuckers to write it.
Sure you could write Hikus about the size of American Idol Star Mandessa's ass.. but Tammy has a lot more sticking power.. and if you ask me a wholely better set of "talents".

So write your best tammy nyp poem.. and sumbmit it here.. (click the leave a comment link bonehead)

Haiku, Limerick or Epic.. whatever your heart sings about our dear NYP Tammy say it here and say it now!
Tammy We love you.. (long time)

1 comment:

NixEclips said...

Well, I've never even tried to look that bitch up. But here's another retarded piece of shit.

Black as frozen life.
It stains the sheets.
It fills my cells with fear.
For it is time.
The stain must be cleared.

Ode to a Dead Bug