Friday, April 07, 2006

perverted poetry for April National Poetry Month (erotic?)


A is for anal - you know all about that
B is for biotch - that's the way Rex says it
C is for, you know, that rude word
D is for all the dumb-cunts that keep chasing "Tammy"
E is for easy girls for you and I
F is for "fuck" - how easy was that!
G is for the girlfriend you never had
H is for the hard-on you're holding in your hand
I is for "idiot" - leave it alone
J is for jerk - see above, der
K is for killer - that 's what you'll become
L is for Lezzo and licking your bum
M is for "me so horny"
N is for that's not what she said
O is for "O I wish I still had that Traffic"
P is for Penis, of course - everyone knows that
Q is for "quick...before my Mum gets back from the shops!"
R is for Rogering, Ramming or Rooting - take your pick
S is for "shit this is crap!"
T is for testicles - have you got yours?
U is for your undies on deRex's floor.
V is for...dare I say it? Sure - Vag - give me more
W is for Willy or Wanking or "what are you gonna do with that?
X is a hard one but Extasy will do
Y is for "Why not?...I'm game"
Z is for Zorro and his sword (snigger snigger)

Thanks to Mal


Lan Whu said...

You've smeared the good name of Poetry. Good work.

DelorumRex said...

it isn't pretty being this easy!

welcome to wallyworld said...

I nicked it from e.z.cum