Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tammy NYP in the Shower.. with Wally! (and King Schlong)

See the shower video here and read about the history of this latest naughty video download.

Read good old Mal's comments about it here.

I don;t care how many tiems I hear that Tammy NYP is out of date, she will never grow old or tired to me.. well not until some other gal from singapore takes one for the team..

Thank the vlog gods for the video sharing sites like youtube, google, ad nausium

I ran inot one video sharing sight that actually allowed "adult" content, but I was in a rush adn did nto bookmark the URL..
I think that's what we need it more adult content on the web.. and a palce were we can all share it..
(Does anyone reading this know which youtube like site allowed adult video uploads? )
Because lets face facts.. the internet is for porn!

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