Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom Delay: "I'm Done" (where's Bush?)

Tom Delay quit.. he just up and fucking quit..
I have often said that the death penalty should be reserved for traitors and politicians.

Well politicians which are found guilty of coruption in my eyes, should face very harsh penalties.. Lets say a mandatory minumum of one day in prison (a real prison.. lets say Jouliet for example) for every dollar that they take or every dollar that it costs the tax payers to put their lyin asses away.

I would like to see a branch or at least department of the government which was dedicated to digging up and exposing couruption..

I have lost all faith in our elected officials.. this November I may or may not vote.. and in the next presidential election, again, at this point it is a toss up. Why bother when no matter who is in power, all that they look out for is themselves, or big business, or some group or activists that helped get them in power.
What ever happend to government for the average man?

I am an average man, with an average income and average debts and resources.. and I have NO REPRESENTATION!

Just once I would like to hear one of these blow hards say and mean, that they are there for the greater good of all the citizens.. (you know the of by and for thing)
not this group or that, this business or that.. but every fuckin body.

I am getting so sick of going to the polls and pickeing the "lesser" of two evils.. this year, i amy just go for the greater evil and write satan in!

Either way we're fucked.

My new slogan for the upcoming elections..

So now I will go back to
in hopes of winning enough money to leave the country after the elections.

Hey Mal you got a guest room?

More Slogans for the upcoming Presidental Election and politics in general.

Thank God for Term Limits.

With Diebold GW is Sure to Win Again!

Don't blame me, I didn't vote!

Satan for President
Fuck the lesser of Two Evils.

No matter what, I predict...
We're fucked.

HEY! I am a minority too!

Will the next Imperial Leader please stand up.

Darth Vader for President

Sadam for President..
what's the difference?

Oh fuck it, vote for the Nazi Party.

Jeb for President
Because we're dumb.

Don't balme me, I'm Libertarian.

Vote for Dope not "a Dope"
Vote Libertarian.

Smoke a Bush...
Don't vote for one
The Libertarian Party

And that's it for now.. next.. bad poetry.. of course.

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welcome to wallyworld said...

Just think if every cunt voted we perhaps wouldn't have these complete bastards determining the fate of the world.

You seen my "Fag Talk"? That has to win the "Duelling Videos". Hey come over to gay Paree for the weekend. We'll go find The Green Fairy. M.