Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boot Camp or bootcamp.. here is the article for you.

Here is the best little concise atricle I could find when trying to figure out why "boot camp" was the number one today
Check it out here..

Then while we are on the techno thing.. wtf! is happening with my pings?
I mean they have posts litsed from yesterday, but the little screen to pin them says it was last updated two days ago.. and then when I ping them today.. they are asleep..

could it be i finnaly tammynyp 'ed them to death?

Mal over at wally world wrote some good stuff about technorati and the CEO.. I like the CEO.. he actually responds to emails! And if I am reading what i think I am about him.. I have ot believe that my misha-ping-ings are mearly a technologial glitch.

I still would suggest to the CEO of Technorati that they have a place that shows the uncensored results of what people are searching for..

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