Monday, October 31, 2005

Absente available and redy for consumption (Absinth substitute?)

Here is as close as most Americans are going to ge tto having the "Absinth experience" Absente.. is now availabel in the US. It is a whole lot like this manufacturer's Absinth but it does not contain teh banned Grand Wormwood, that real absinth gets it's Thujon from.

Thujon, is billed as a halucinagenic.. saddly it is not. I have taken halucinagenics in my younger years, and absinth drunk while being slightly different from just being just plain old beer drunk, it is a far cry form visual, audio or olfactory halucinations.

But if you , like me are an admirer of the Bihemian lifestyle, adn care to have a bit of the absinth ritual, this is a decent substitute for the real thing.

Collector bottles / packaging is availble with a surag spoon attached, for about $35.00 The liquor is 110 proof, as is its actual counterpart in Europe. The flavor is strong in the anise department, but ther eis enough herbal undertones to make it a rather nice drink.
Louch (getting all green and pearlecent) is super strong, manking for a nice effect when drinking it with novices being 110 proof, it wil help you flambe' your sugar if that is your style. I am not much of one for fire around hte stuff, I like to poor and drink, and repete.

The fact that this product, even with southern (petite) wormwood, is being distributed throught he states, bedes well for us, that love the real thing. It is at least a step in the right direction.

Perhpas we will be graced with a lifting of hte ban as has happend in the E.U. ? We cal only hope.

Untilt eh ban is lifted, I say drink up and enjoy, this is a decent reproduction of an actual absinth adn worth the $35.00 investment, if you plan to partake with friends.

Best use for Absinth.. Drink with friends,a dn talk about the arts.. I like to pass a dog-eared copy of Dharma Bums around each person reading a paragraph or two.. if you can make it through 3 chapters, you aren;t drinking fast enough.

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