Thursday, November 03, 2005

cool offer for my readers.

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check out etronics.. they got some cool stuff.. don;t forget your cupon code.. whatever that means.

Guess what i have on my list of things to buy myself? (at etronics and other places)
#1 a new computer! I am thinking that my old handy HP with it's faster than light 333MHz processor may just be getting a little long in the tooth.. of course I have a 500 MHz Gateway sitting at home doing nothing but gathering dust..

the real kick in the shorts, is that i have all of this software that I like, that runs on WIN98 ! If I get a new machine it will be running XP and all those cool games.. I mean programs will be lost.. damn shame.. some of the programs cost as much as a new computer!

I wonder if anyone bundles the software I need? A good photoeditor with an easy interface.. so I can pastemy head onto Tommy Lee's body in the Pam Anderson vids.. and somthing to publish websites that will not Fubar all of my frontpage sites that I have and am happy with now?

Alright throw stones and arrows about frontpage go ahead, i know you want to.. in 1996 when I got my very first website I typed pure HTML and most of my own Javascript, but as I wanted to get more and mroe complex, I went hunting for a Wysiwyg (Wizzy-Wigg) program, and some asshole suggested Frontpage, I had a free lite cerson in my computer already, adn it was easy to get.. now I have published more bloated code than any 12 people shoudl be allowed to, thanks to Frontpage.. 2000.. yes I said Frontpage2000! Get over it, I have..


SO what is a man to do.. I love my WIN98 programs, adn games.. and I hate to have to build my programming library back up, but it looks like I may just have to.. for anyone that is curious I get the HP in January 99 it has performed flawlessly ever since.. I love my computer.. and I hate to say goodby.. maybe I will just get a lap top or notebook and keep the old war machine for home? WHo knows..

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