Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Musical taste.. and Napster.. for Free..

Stop paying 99 cents a song - Get Napster To Go.

Music, I love music, but not so much the new music I hear on the radio. I do not know if I am getting “old” or if my taste is just too different to fall into “main stream” I think that latter. I like for instance, Bag-pipe music, and I adore the Bloodhound Gang.. I also like Gangsta Rap, and will run through spells of easy listening, classical (including Opera) and then will go back to my metal roots and listen to Mega Death for a week or two.. I think that “radio” is just to “pop” for me.
That’s why I like Napster… I think you will too, so go try napster for free.. download to yoru computer or yoru new iPod Nano if you are that much ahead of me on the techno-curve.. I envy you.. I am hoping to get a Nano for Christmas..

Napster Free Trial
go ahead click the little Napster..and Rock On..


Eme Navarro said...

Maybe you love then our music. Try it It's free. We're The Homeless Bones.
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The Power is with you

DelorumRex said...

nrubbihfZona Privada. Acceso Denegado.

I hate when that happens..
but good luck bro.. I hope you make it big.. with M-Tv videos adn hot and cold running chiquitas!

Eme Navarro said...

Thank but I prefrer the open source and culture liberation Not MTV. You can use emule for download Homeless bOnes ins Spain it's legal (yet)

Anonymous said...

I knew you were alright.. as MtV sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before..

Anonymous said...
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