Tuesday, November 01, 2005

you know what I have not talked about lately?? Politics..

because so many of you are new here, let me re-cap something for you.. I am a political agnostic.. I don’t believe any of them.. I am tempted to join the libertarians as a form of protest.

Harriet Meyers: She has been a good "friend" of W for quite some time. Could W have been cunning enough to put her up just to get his base riled up and ready to rally behind his next contender? Your damn right he is! At this point, W could select Gehering and the base would breath a sigh of relief.

I wish I remembered the blog URL that I read something to the effect of "H. Meyers will withdrawal as a candidate, before getting confirmed. This is a play by G.W. to get the attention of the truly Conservative branch of the Republican party, and to tell them that they will have to fight with him, if they have hopes of succeeding". I read this within days of Meyers selection! Because of some of the more conspiratorial writings on that blog I wrote the guy off as a nut, and did not bookmark the URL.. damn , damn, damn!

How many people reading this will not know that a Justice is appointed for "life"? Yes, for the rest of the natural lives of GW/'s candidates, they will have power over what is or is not seen as constitutional. Amazing that G.W. will be felt for decades to come.. and if you do not like G.W. I imagine that this is more that a little scary.

Well now that the conservative base is awake maybe they can get GW to start controlling spending. I like when a government official says that government should be smaller, and should spend less.. a lot of middle America hear this as ther rallying cry as they rush to the polls to pull the Republican lever. Too bad it is a lie.

So what's the choice? If you listen to the talking heads on talk radio, the democrats are socialist, or communist, and if they get into power ever again, we will fall into ruins.. perhaps we would.. but the reason would be uncontrolled spending.. and this is nothing that the republicans are free of guilt in.

Here is the funny bit.. I would not mind paying taxes for effective social programs, I give money every year to charities that work with the less fortunate. Perhaps if my taxes were higher I would not give as much, but if the government could be effective, that would not bother me.. the problem is, you cannot tell me that our government can be effective.

If you do not believe me, look at immigration.. some people spend 10 years trying to get into the states legally.. can you blame them for coming in illegally? Could you wait 10 years for a descent job? I couldn't. Would you break a law (that everyone you know is also breaking) if it meant a better life for your family.. I probably would too.

Immigration is nothing that either the Dems of Reps want to fix.. this is a scary thing.. it makes me feel like neither side cares about security, and only cares about their power base. The Dems thinkt hat poor illegal immigrants will be their voter base in the future,a dn the Reps like cheap union free labor.. and those of us that are here legaly are just plain screwed. We are not secure, and we may be in danger of loosing our jobs.. how does this benifit "We the People"?

Isn't the government supposed to work for us? Do you feel like it is? I feel like it works to take our power away as individuals, and tries to take our treasure away, but whether taking it to give to the poor, or taking it to give to the rich in some form of trickle down theory.. how about they just leave out pockets alone, and protect us for enemies foreign and domestic like they are supposed to do!?

Religion and Politics: If we have separation of church and state, why is it that I heard that the new W appointee to the Supreme Court was a Catholic, before I heard he was married, or had children, or has dark hair, or is referred to as Sculito? I don’t care if he is Catholic? What he is or is not is a matter for the senate at this point, and no knowledge that i have will change the outcome in the senate’s decision.

I would be interested if they appointed a Gay Female Minority Pagan... at least there is someone I could identify with on levels that Thomas and Sculia will I never will.
I would like to see some more diversity on the court.. I want a Hispanic, an Asian, a black, a Jew a atheist, a homosexual, a hermaphrodite and a staunch right winger, as well as an out and out communist. While the decisions would be rather strange, it would make for an interesting real life show.. they could all live together in an apartment in L.A. and cameras could follow them around all of the time. I bet the American public would actually take some interest in the Court then.. it would be a good lesson to the public.

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