Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Favorite Movie.. one of.. A Clockwork Orange, review.. muhahahahaaa!

A personal favorite movie.. this one is a little on the twisted side.. A Clockwork Orange.

Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

What can you say about this movie, to tell someone that has never seen it, just how it works it’s way into your psyche and sets up camp.
I know a few people that saw it, and “did not get it” but I know more, that if you start to whistle “Sinning in the Rain” when talking to a real jerk, will smile knowingly.. knowing that deep inside you really want to stomp that annoying person’s guts out.

I was 16 when I first saw it, and perhaps that overdose of testosterone aided the close to psychedelic effect that the movie had on my tender mental make up.. perhaps it is just the fact that nothing like it, before or since was so strong in the mental impact you like a hammer to the left frontal lobe department?

Now I can say, with great surety that this movie did not turn me into a violent gang member, or a rapist, or another of the societal ills that get blamed on media these days.. I think it is an interesting study in the BS of that sort of statement, when you consider that the original release date of A Clockwork Orange was February 2nd 1972 (US)

Filmed in the UK and released to DVD on June 12th , 2001.

If you have not seen it, or have not seen it again in a while, I HIGHLY recomen, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.
Go for a ride with Alex and the Droogs, for a little Ultra Violence, Beethoven, and some of the old in-out in-out tonight!

Real Horrorshow.. my little Droogiewoogs and Malchiks!


rubio2d said...

Great review drugo!
I bet I win you!. I saw this film with 0 years (my mother went to the cinema when she was pregnant....I think I could hear something..)
But you're right, everytime I see it, The "singin' in the rain" theme blows my mind! and I whislte it again and again but gene kelly never appears!!!only Alex (that character is aweso, he can erase Gene Kelly (for a Moment) of our minds!!!)It's evil.....
It's a masterwork in composition and a mine in visual contents. (I've studied it several times and it only grows and grows...)

Nice work with this blog
sure I'll be back.
Thanks for your visit.

DelorumRex said...

The thing to understand about rubio is that English is his second language.. I have a hard enough tiem with english and it is my only lnaguage.. so hats off to rubio for 1. visiting, and 2 having the balls to actually leave a post that was not spam.. props to rubio!
and that's droog not drug.. at first I thought he was saying I was a stoner.. (wait a tick.. after reading some of my posts, I think I might be??? Wonder what my wife is handing me in the morning.. vitimins??? I wonder)

NixEclips said...

I used to drop some acid and watch this flick. I've stopped doing that, but it's stil a great fucking film. Kubrick was a genius and the people that didn't like Eyes Wide Shut just wanted to watch Showgirls.

Oh, and if you want a movie to kick you in the nuts, check out Audition. I saw it in Canada and it blew me away.

Nix says: Amniotic fluid.