Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween ideas from DeRex

1. I am dressing up this year as a MILF hunter.. I love it when them young mommas bring the kiddies around..

2. Cut hole in bottom of goodie bowl and make milfs get candy for kiddies..

3. hand out fish.. adn then swear that they said "Trick or Trout"

4. Wait until 8:00 when all the kiddies have gone in and go from house to house shouting "Trick or Drink"

5. turn out the lights and pretentd I don;t have 30 pounds of candy to give away.. then bitch for the next 12 months that nobody stopped by the house. (This one fits my wife)

6. Dress up as the scarecrow that has been on the front porch for the last 2 weeks, and now that the neighborhood kids are used to it, when they come up onto the porch, jump at them and scare the shit outta them.. (I did this last year.. best halloween ever- one kid pee'd)

I think christmas would be a lot more fun if you could scare people.. perhpas that woudl make for a good costme.. I normaly do Santa Clause for the kids, maybe this year, I will put on a zombie mask and my santa suit.. that ought to fuck them up for life..

or maybe put on my zombie mask and sit ont he front porch with my sant suit on, adn a sign around my neck proclaiming that Santa is Dead.. take some candy..

I once saw a punk Band named The Dead Santas they sucked but the name was great. Too bad they chewed goo so bad, I woudl have liked to say I was a fan of the Dead Santas but life goes on and I digress..

Happy Halloween everyone..

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