Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cars, I love them.. and a Blog you should go check out..

I love my cars.. I have a few one really is a 1988 Lotue Esprit Turbo with less than 28,000 miles on it.. it is a bit of a mechanical challange, adn this last year I left it in storage because I had other things to spend my money on, but it only needs a little work .. I will get back to you o it because i gotta get some work done sheesh! ...
Alrighty then, I am back.. miss me? What was I saying?? Oh yea.. cars.. I love the fucking things.. I mean if I could but a new car every week I would.. I love the feel of them. the way that they purr as your stroke them... oops I mean place pressure over the accelarator.. I wish that I could change wives ever couple of years to,, so I guess it is a pattern?

Anyway, current cars.. Lotus Esprit (1988), Chevy Tahoe (2001) that is my daily driver.. I am thinking of buying a Pontiac Solstice for my wife, but I can;'t remember if she is worth it? So I may just buy her a Mini or some japaneese crap box when her Pontiac dies. (which should be any minute now it is a 1996 Grand Am with `186,000 on it, a new motor put in at about 150,000 and that motor was a junk yeard salvage.. the thing bangs like hell when you drive it on the highway, I thought the wheels would fall of at 70, but was amused to find out from my mechanic that it is just a little "loose" in the front end, adn after a few hundred dollas worth of bushings adn the like it still is a piece of crap. Funny thing is if I do buy her a piece of crap from the orient, it will more than likely be more reliable than her pontiac has been.. damn american cars anyway.. no wonder GM is loosing money.. with the rediculious wages that they pay and the crap that they produce.. I say good .. let 'em all go under.. and watch the "patriots" whine that nobody makes cars in the states anymore.. well other than Honda, Toyota, Hyunda and a few other Asian companies..

What I would like to see is the SMART in the states, but the DOT will throw fits if they do..and we will have to weight them down with protective gear to the point that they will get shit mileage.. all while the EPA whines that CAFE standards aren;t high enough.. (this makes me thing that our government os just too big for it's own good, adn it needs to get out of the way and give freedom of choice back to the people.. but that is a whole other tirade..

So click the link below to get financing for yor next automotive lover,, and be glad you are not married to me.. an asshole that makes you drive a Pontiac that sucks more than any other thing has ever sucked.. ever...

okay before I forget.. go visit this blog this poor guy is more screwed up int he head than i am.. and funnier too..


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