Thursday, November 03, 2005

Jack Kerouac where are you?

I miss Jack Kerouac.
Maybe it is the fact that I missed my "pill" last night, and my head is clearer for it.. damn anti-depressants! But today I have been super reflective, looking back on good times, with good friends..

I remember a time not that long ago perhaps 10 years, sitting with a couple fo good friends and their gals , I was wearing a thick sweater the smell of pld book leather predominated the air, that and the scent of tobacco, (and other smokables), I had brought a copy of The Dharma Bums, and as the wine flowed and the feeling of mutual admiration went round the room, I took out my old and dog-eared copy, reading the first two pages, stopping only to take an occasional sip from my port.

Then the book was passed, to the left like an illegal hand rolled, it went round and round each taking a turn reading from the pages. Some taking on several at a go, some only one or two, it was okay there were no rules, just good companionship, this went on into the wee hours of the morning, and there was more than a few bottles drained of their essence in the making of the night.
We were free, as we are meant to be on that night, in the fall.

Love sparked that eve, as the fires in the fireplace dimmed and dwindled to nothing. Love between man and woman and mankind to mankind. I look back on that autumnal evening now, and still feel love, for my fellow literary travelers. Life is good when there are no rules, only love, and wine, and a good book. Magic.

I do not care if you buy either of these books, butI do think that you should experience them as I did, with friends and good wine. When we the las ttiem you went to the library? You do not have to pay for magic, you only need know where to look.

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