Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Robert Burnes Halloween

I know that this is a bit late.. but please go read Robert Burnes' Halloween..
A good place to see it online is here

to quote
The passion of prying into futurity makes a striking part of the history of human nature in its rude state, in all ages and nations; and it may be some entertainment to a philosophic mind, if any such honour the author with a perusal, to see the remains of it among the more unenlightened in our own.-R.B.1785


NixEclips said...

Since you're into poetry both bad and good, I thought I'd offer you the chance to discover Charles Buadelaire, if you haven't already. He put out a great collection of poems called Le Fleurs Du Mal (Flowers of Evil) and had many banned for their sexuality and whatnot. I got a copy at Borders and it was well worth it. You can find out about him at

Nix says: I think they have copies of some of his work, as well.

DelorumRex said...

interesting.. perhaps i will .. you know that February is National Poetry Month!

perhaps there will be a blog theme there?

Whatta ya say, that every day in the Month of February we write bad poetry in our blogs.. that ought to teach 'em for making any month national poetry month! Ya think?

NixEclips said...

Nix says: You evil bastard.