Wednesday, November 02, 2005 not getting hits.. funny I think.

I think it is funny how few clicks my blog at is getting..
It really is all about making money online and how I have done it and am doing it now.. but it gets so few clicks it is almost funny.. most of the things there are free.. I mean cost you NOTHING but some time, and you will need an internet connection..
I like making cash with my computer.. I put off a computer saying that as soon as I could make money with one, I woudl buy one.. well that was 10 years ago now.. and guess what, I am still making anough to pay for my broadband bill.. and a little extra too.

I am not saying that I know how to teach somone how to make enough money that they can quit working and let the checks start comming in, but I am saying that I have made money using the internet over the years, adn I htink I can show other people how i did it... the rest is up to them. I once thought that I would be a full tiem web guy.. well guess what, that didn;t happen.. I do nto think that by using my meathods anyone will get stinking rich, ut I do think that anyone following all of my syuggestions at will start seeing some income from the web, and who knows maybe it will be enough to pay for the rising cost of gas and a high speed internet connection?

All it takes is time, and if you are reading this, you are already wasting time on yor computer.. so now go do somthing about it.. go ahead, click my money making blog.. I dare you.


NixEclips said...

Well, dude. I'm always leary about stuff like that. But I'll hit it eventually. I'm too busy looking for porn to make money. (Joke, of course. But not really funny. Hmm...My humor chip is broken today.) I'll say this, though: At least your not trying to sell Discount Cat Furniture. Or are you?

Nix says: I can't believe that food can turn into a robot and start dancing!

Gher bani online said...

That's so funny ;)