Thursday, November 03, 2005

Book Review.. Magick Aleister Crowley

Well kids here we take turn from innocent gholes adn goblins into true darkness.

Magick by Aleister Crowley. The handbook to the ritual magician, and guidbook to those studying the occult in ways that get past the surface, which has been exposed to the public. Delve deeper into the subject of the occult and ritual magic and read Aleister Crowleys most popular work, Magick.

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As reviewed on Amazon ; (Four Stars)
The ultimate Thelemic resource : Crowley's Dream Come True, March 29, 2003
The Big Blue Brick is Crowley's dream come true. This is the ultimate Thelemic resource guide, which contains an in-depth Introduction to the book and the full story of the creation of 'Thelema.' This compilation contains many of Crowley's most-important works and rituals, including; "Book Four" (ISBN # 0877285136)*, "Magick in Theory and Practice" (ISBN # 0486232956)*, and "The Equinox of the Gods" (ISBN # 1561840289)--events leading up to and including the creation of 'The Book of The Law.' This book also contains numerous important 'Appendices' and a million or so footnotes that were meticulously scrutinized for accuracy.

note: be careful with 'Book Four' (in which Crowley depicts a ridiculous conception of The Scourge used in Witchcraft, legitimately) & 'Magick in Theory and Practice' (esp., due to the fact that in that time period, as now, 'morality' prevented people from talking/writing about sex, but it was/is perfectly ok to talk or write about more dangerous subjects). When reading Crowley, one must often read between the lines. Crowley had a weird sense of humor about revealing 'secrets' without revealing them--when in doubt, reread the section(s) and 'Magick Without Tears' (which shows Crowley's sense of humor and proves he was 'of sound mind' at the end of his life--a typical cranky ol' Grandpa kind guy).

'Magick' is NOT light reading! This is a scholarly work that took decades to compile, and a century to be brought-together in this format. Keep in mind, purchasing this book is the equivalent of purchasing many of Crowley's books in one volume (as he originally intended)--with the added benefit of preface material, illustrations, modern research, Footnotes (!), etc. It is well-worth the price, considering the fact that all of this material is compiled in a painstaking manner, including lost material and better renditions of previous editions.

However, for those who are just beginning to study Thelema, or have just begun the process of wading through Crowley's works (or just want to research Thelema in-general), I strongly suggest beginning with: "The Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley," by Lon Milo Duquette (ISBN # 0877287783).

For further research about "Thelema" and "The Book of The Law," I suggest: "The Law is For All," by Aleister Crowley (ISBN # 1561840904).


NixEclips said...

Making comments about my opinion of Crowley, in general, got me into trouble before. I had a Thelemist threaten to kill me by sitting on his couch and snap his fingers. Boy, was I scared. *ahem* Anyway, Crowley was getting frustrated with plain 'ol Satanism because he wanted to be the one in charge. So he left/was kicked out, really, and started his own belief system up. It's really the story of any religion. Don't like the way the current one works? Make one up. But, perhaps I have said too much. Believe as you shall, is the mantra for my new religion that I'm calling.....Rafmzn. (That's acually just the verification code below, but it could catch on.)
Nix says: Have a good one.

DelorumRex said...

Humm Rafmzn.. add an i and it looks even better Rafmizn or two I's Rafmizin..
Yes.. all hallowed Rafmizin hear our prayer.. ohhh scary.. I like it.

Funny but true.
I am an Ordaned minister.. why, because I wanted to make a statement, that organized religeon is a crok o' crap? No I hae 4 adult step sons, adn they do not go to church, adn their girlfriends now mostly wives wanted a "real wedding", so I jump on line go to and voila'! Ordained.

SO as a rev of the cloth, I will say.. believe what you want.. in the end your still dead.

Nobody gets out alive!
Jim Morrison.

NixEclips said...

I go with Rafmizn. Looks old school and shit. Nice!

Nix says: "We offer this bucket of soapy frogs to Rafmizn for blessings!"