Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scooter Libby need not worry..

Scooter is just fine, as is every other insider over at the whitehouse that is facing indightment.
Why.. well I want you to think back to the last days of the Clinton Presidency.. I know it was a long time ago but try hard.. .. there got a picture of it now?

Two words: Presidential Pardon.

Clinton signed a bunch just before leaving office,a dn G.W. will too.. Daschel adn Scooter are going to be just fine.. and may even get a type of Mayrter status with the base.. ain't it grand?

Wouldn;'t it be nice to have a friend who was also president? Imagine.. you coudl do anything short of murder.. and yes perhaps even that, adn know that when your budy was just about to hand over the rieghns, you would be pardoned.

You though contributions to your 401K were going to pay big someday.. try making political contributions.. it just may keep you out of jail someday..
or you can do liek me, and try to play by the rules... in washinton , where they make the rules, they also break them.. makes me want to puke.. and move to Fiji.

Perhpas we coudl make any felony by a federal elected official treason.. and shoot them? I imagine a few election cycles of that , and we woudl have honest politicians... nah no honest man ever makes it long in politics.. who am I trying to kid?

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