Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thanksgiving just around the corner.. things I am thankful for

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.. so I would like to take this time to look back at the year, and reflect upon all of the blessing that life has bestowed upon me over the last 12 months.

Month by month…
December.. umm can’t really think of much.. I survived another family rumble at my place on Christmas Eve.. I guess that is good..
January Well I froze my ass of and had to blow something like 114” inches of snow off of my walk way.. I got frostbite on my lips.. (don’t ever blow snow)
February I am still freezing, and my heating bill went up
March lets see only 90 more days of freezing my ass of in this the seventh level of Dante’s hell
April my birthday! I was forgotten by all of my family
May well at least my birthday is not this month
June Amsterdam! (details left out with purpose)
July Well I can look back on Amsterdam with warm memories.
August Finally it is hot
September damn it is getting cold again
October fricking cold at nigh, but at least I get to worship Satan in the open this month. Too bad I am an atheist.

And there you have it, my look back at the year.
Now aren’t you glad you had the year you did?

Okay I am thankful for a few things.. like my Prozac prescription went to a $15 co-pay, and that the corner market stopped selling expired condoms, and that my mom, has lost my phone number in a move, and that my wife still has not taken on the shape of her mother, and that my boss has no clue how much time I am wasting talking to you, and that my girlfriend found out about my wife and doesn’t care, and that my other girlfriend found out about my other girlfriend and is only angry because I would not introduce them, so that they could have sex while I watched, and I am grateful that the Canary Islands have not collapsed and caused a Tsunami that wipes out the eastern seaboard, and I am grateful that the itching has stopped.. (damn girlfriends!) and I am grateful hat the age of consent in this state is 17, and I am glad that there is the internet, so I can write all of this rap, and I am glad that there are people who are actually willing to read this crap, I am glad for fiction, and politics (and the fact that they are the same thing), I am glad that Scooter Libby is names “Scooter”, I am glad that GW has not used nukes on enemies foreign and Domestic, I am glad, that Mars is where it is, and I an thankful that I am running out of things to type.. as I imagine you are too..

Peace, pass it on.

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