Friday, November 04, 2005

What has happened to American Poltics?

What is going on? It seems to me that we are perhaps the most corrupt government in western civilization. Money is the all powerful in Washington, and I don;t care what side of the isle you sit on.
I have heard that there is a cycle that taks place in American Politics, that like a swinging pendulum we get ritchous then corrupt.. back and forth it goes.

I have to believe that this is a swing towards corrupt.. and I cannot be sure that it has ever been better.. just look at the number of indightments handed down in the Clinton years.. here we are different captn at the wheel and yet.. more indightments.

How much of this can you blame on the executive branch? Not all, but some, now and then.. the scary thing is I do nto see anyone on the horizon saying that their goal if elected would be to clean up government corruption.. we should all hope and prey that a truly evil individual does not run on that theme.. we could very well elect a second Hitler..
Have you ever talked with people that were in Germany prior to WWII who saw Hitler as a saviour? (Only to have hopes of salvation dashed of course). I wonder if we are coming to a point where we would elect somone as evil as a Hitler? All we need really is to have a greater econmic downturn than expected, add to that a few natural disasters, an unpopular war, and the threat of invaders (be they people or virus) to scare the populous into thinking that they are in emminant danger, and we could very well elect Hitler.

Votaire said something to the effect "As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities. "
I wonder if we do this now.. in the name of freedom from terror or worse in the name of God.
What absurdities do you believe in? What absurdities does our Government believe in? Are there any? (I will leave that conclusion up to the reader)

Can you believe that we are in the 21st Century and still killing people in the name of God? It boggles the imagination.

Makes me think that Devolution is marching along at a steady course.. perhaps a good Bird Flu is what we need right now.

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