Tuesday, November 01, 2005

a good day all total.

A good day today. I heard from a friend in south florida, they have power and phone now, some parts still may be without power until December, but if I had to give you a guess, I woudl say that those parts will be few. Florida Power and Light FPL is doinga great job of restoring service, and that is all that anyone can ask.

I have family that now will not have ot drive 100 miles for fuel for the generator, that is good, they are in the area that may not have power for quite some time. They were thrilled to hear that 30 miles south of them power is back on.

Today, I found a problem that would have cost my company a few thousand dollars adn fixed it quickly, that's always nice. It buggs me that a simple error would have caused the problem and htat all of the steps of checking and rechecking let it get through, but now that it is found before any harm was done, training (re-training) can begin in ernest.

The bigest thing that bugged e about the whole thing, is that nobody in the chain said, "oops, i did it". a simple admission of posible guilt would hav ekept me from being pissed.. Now I feel the need to can somone.. oh well a nights sleep and I will feel better, and life can go on.

So the moral of the story is.. ifyou work for me adn you make a mistake, just admit to it, together we wil correct it and move on.. easy you would think.

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