Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bottle cap tripod.. I can't give it up.. well not yet..

I gotta give props to this dude..
He's got perhaps the most detaield explanation of why "Bottle Cap Tripod" went to the top.. nobody yet has offered an explanation as to why it disapeared.. I have my theories, and you will have to read on for those.. (see below, or go to the index and scroll down baby!)
I am not sure i by the why "bottle cap tripod" went balistic, I mean come on a 2 month old popular science magazine article goes pop one morning!?! It sounds a little too fairy tale for me.

It calls into question technorati's accuracy (see below some more) and also the sanity of all those who kept searchign for it.. although I will admit, I was on the top of the list a lot for that little item and did not see that many hits..

I recived more hits on good old tammy and singapore than I did the top item.. WTF?

Now I know that good blogging is all about good writing, adn lets face facts, unless I take the tiem to use a speel chucking device my typing is so shitty most people won;t read for long.. those that do love me.. so if you have laready stopped reading this because of my typing, fuck you.. for hte rest of you.. party on dude.. okay back on track..
I liken this to an old addage I have about reatil stores,a dn websites, you can build the most beautiful store in the world, but if you get no traffic you go out of business in a fuckin rush. So I try to mix it up here, a littel comedy, a little humor, a little bad typing and some pure click whoring.. I really wonder what brings hts to some other blos? What search terms really do it for you?
Also now that hits blog is a few months old I wonder how it stacks up against the average, for readership, hits, and re-visits? (given similar content that is.. sure i ain;t gonna get the kind of hits that a blog like will.. but in the area of "generaly silly buggery" I wonder how I stack up.

If I was truly interested in spamming the searchengines, I woudl publich lists of searchterms, adn not bother trying to entertain myself with each writing.. so I think that a lot of the energy put into getting my funny little keyword rich writings of ffrom the top searches is a waste of time, when there is so much spam out there, that is just crap for crap's sake.. don;tyou think?

So my friends I will keep watchign the trends, I will keep promoting myself and others like me.. and I will wish you all Goodnight and goodluck..

now that you are through with that batch of soap box bullshit, go do somthing worth while, go look at the movie reviews at all the sex and twice the violence.

Speaking about sex and violence, I watched a couple nights ago, A History of Violence.
My youngest step son (22) really liked the movie, and I did too , for the first hour. Then in the end, it started to go down that long spiral road to suckdom and never recovered.

The guy who played the main character’s brother, is usually a good character actor.. well he SUCKED!!!! And the person in charge of continuity must have had that last week of shooting off, there were just too may stupid things going on that made no sense but made for better shots that happened in the last 15 minutes.. example: It is Dark.. black ass dark outside, the hero (?) kills his brother and all is well.. next shot it is morning and he is walking up onto a pond in the back of the house to freshen himself up after a long night of killing.. either the fucking sun comes up quick there, or the director just wanted that shot bad.. and the house he had waked form was perhaps a 30 roomer.. you man to tell me there ain’t a fuckin bathroom in that big fuckin house?

Then the ending was suitable for a Lifetime movie.. I don’t; want to give it away, mostly because I want you to suffer the same way I did) but lets just say it left me with that, kissed but not fucked after a date feeling.

So “A History of Violence” 2 stars one for each of the cool sex sense no stars, for anything else in that piece of shit!

But if you like hard R sex.. it does have a great 69 scene and another power fuck on the stairs.. you gotta love a good power fuckin on the stairs.

IN further couch potato news:
I just finished watching Vol 2 of the Star Trek Original Series DVD set. This one was “Mudd’s Women” a true classic, showing the beauty within all of us, and “The Evil Within” showing the evil within and the value of that evil in each one of us.. interesting that these were released back to back in 1966 (on the tele) an interesting contrast in story lines, and both of these were really well done.. I always liked mudd’s women, but thought that they could have hired slightly more attractive women for the rolls.. The Evil within was the one where Kirk after a transporter mishap, is split into good Kirk and Bad Kirk.. I loved bad Kirk.. but I kept getting the feeling that Spok shoulda kicked his ass a little more than he did..

I'll be unfucked if I can find the VOl 2 disc so you will have to put up with these two links in its place.

I am not sure which episode it was but the green alien sex is soon to be a commin.. I can’t wait!

"When people say to me, Live long and prosper, and I say Get a life. I mean it"
William Shatner.


welcome to wallyworld said...

Yeah...that history of violence started out with promise then degenerated into a big pile of predictable dog poo. I threw it across the room.

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