Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pavlina, American Idol, and Bottle Cap Tripods ! OH MY!

This is very strange planet on which we live.
First of all can anyone explain the fasination with Pavlina to me?
I mean sure, she is hot, hot hot, and she is young young young.. but really, when you have tarts like tammy nyp to go flogg at, why bother with this world class pianist / amature porn star? (Sure the video downloads are hotter than anything to come out of singapore lately.. so maybe I do get it)

American Idol.. well here's proof that me and 34 million other americans need a friggin hobby! Who will go home.. WHO FRIGGIN CARES!>!>!>! well about 34 million dunces like me.
Why do we listen to a bunch of okay singers and two ringers? I mean come on, if you can;t see by now that this is going to coem down to Chris (The Bald guy) and Kelly Pickler with a suprise Kelly Pickler win, your as dumb as the people that voted for Katherene McFee's hooters last week! (Okay she does have some nice boobs, but we ain't voting on boobs are we?)
Did you vote? If so, you really need a hobby! I can't bring myself to do it.. it just seems so "trailer".

Bottle cap tripods.. nope, I still don't get that one at all.. and I am part of the reason it is still in the forefront of the blogger imagination.. I even have an auction.. on ebay.. check it out.
(and don;t just go there, click the watch this item link when you get there, or hell place a bid! What have you got to loose? At this count you woudl loose on FUCKIN Penny! One Penny US.. come on you cheap bastards! (Especialy the ones who voted for an Idol last night.. get of your duff and show this brotha' his props!)

Click here for the Bottle Cap Tripod Auction of the Century!

PS. somone tell Mal that his link got cut.. we can;t see his auction..


welcome to wallyworld said...

Hey nice work brother! We've pushed that Pavlina bitch back up to Number 3. Techno will probably can my arse again - I'm sorta challenging David Sifry to do it. I'll make a deal with you - bid on my "Byrnes Brain" and I'll bid on your "Bottle Cap Tripod".

welcome to wallyworld said...

eBay link off Wallyworld works for me. But here it is again -

NixEclips said...

Damn. My blog doesn't even show up at Technorati. WTF is that about? Dammit. It's the fucking title of my goddamn post. Oh well.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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