Friday, March 24, 2006

Return of the seal boy! Yo Mal.. ain;t it past your bed time?

Well you know me.. always up for a challange.. okay first fucker says "I challenge you to use spell check" walks the fuck home!
How many time can I tell you.. Spell chek if for people who care..

So with that aside.. Mal has challanged me to a littel dueling videos!
He put up some lameassed 2 fast 2 furious wanna be bullshit.. so I am trumping his Fast cars with you guessed it.. (no it is not southpark singing abotu tammy nyp shot with a bottle cap tripod camera, in singapore, by Eta Dick)

Film of old Wally when he was just a youngster!
Hey Wally how'd you get the sheila to scratch your ass like that?


welcome to wallyworld said...

Yeah...I'm off the pace. Just found out about 2fast2slow - I don't normally like rap shit but I like that clip. Beats your wombat, hands down. Notice the commentary's in French but, Butt. So you get a point for that.

Anonymous said...

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