Wednesday, March 22, 2006

one dozen pavlinas! and then some! (Who said this was not about sex?)

One Dozen Pavlinas.. 'cause you just can't have too many!

Someone resently said that Pavlina had nothing to do with sex.. well mr smarty pants, here are just a few Pavlinas... well my little friends feast your eyes on these.. one dozen Pavlinas..

Pavlina we love you.

Lets face facts mates.. Pavlina is all about sex.. (Sorry Steve Pavlina is not all about sex so not ALL pavlinas are about sex.. but these pavlinas sure do get the blood flowing don't they?)

But there are many faces of Pavlina, that need to be explored.. these here are only a few..

for a few more you should see my mate Mal's site he has the hottest Pavlina Video Downloads there..

Here is an interesting game.. can you pick "THE" Pavlina out of this bunch?

Yes, one of these girls, all Pavlinas, is "THE" pavlina.

Pick her and win a prize..

The writers and contributors of this website its affiliates adn sponsors woudl like to acknowlage all of the worlds Pavlinas, as well as all of the Tammy NYPs too.. there were no Pavlinas hurt in the making of this post.

This post is to be used purely for entertainment purposes. There are no warranties expressed or implied, should your pavlina break, you are on your own.

We would also like to state that there are a numebr of very sexy Pavlinas (Other than Steve) out there, adn while we woudl like to say thank you to each adn every one of them, time is limited. If you are a Pavlina and woudl like to be noted and given props by DeRex and all the perverts who know DeRex please submit your photo to

DeRex woudl like to thank you for visiting, stay tuned for the next Pavlina Update here or anywhere in the bloggosphere..

(recomendation, go to and search for Pavlina, at least twice a day from now until the "big reveal")

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welcome to wallyworld said...

Looks like Techno has canned our Pavlina arses! Killjoys.