Monday, March 20, 2006

Own a piece of HISTORY! the most orriginal Bottle Cap Tripod in ebay History!

Yes go now to Ebay..
a see the Bottle Cap Tripod!
a true one of a kind item, brought to you by none other than DelorumRex!
If you are already an ebayer, please add the bottle top tripod to your watched items! (Of course I mean after you bid on this unique piece of Technorati / Ebay History!)

How many times in your life do you think you will be able to buy a first edition Technorati #1!!!???

I swear that the auction is 100% legitimate, and if you win, I will ship to you the orriginal Technorati Inspired, 100% Tammy NYP Free, Bottle Top Tripod.
Paypal taken and prefered!
Be sure to also watch for our rather randy Pavlina auctions, coming soon!


welcome to wallyworld said...

DeRex, I think you'd have more luck auctioning Pavlina's knickers. You had a good look at that site BTW? Jesus H Christ. The videos.

welcome to wallyworld said...

Here's a new slogan for you Bro - "Pavlina has Herpes!"

Anonymous said...
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