Wednesday, March 22, 2006

William Shatner turns 75! Happy birthday Capt. Kirk!

Yep, Captian Kirk is 75! Wow..
I like Shatner, and nearly everythign he has done, shy of singing.. In interviews, he is always the first to laugh at himself, and his new roll on Boston Legal is great. (not that i watch much network tele these days)
Here is a little Shat humor

Funny in resent days I have picked up the DVD of the Orriginal Star Trek series.
I had forgotten just how good these were, (really pretty charming if you ask me), considering the budget constraints adn thestate of special effects in the late 60's.
I recomend that you pick them up.. either from or go look on Amazon, by clicking the link below.

Be sure to check out amazon for all of the availble star trek stuff.. you may find it interesting that the orrigian series is also availabel in a several disk set, taht can be bought individually, each having a couple episode on them, so if you like you can just buy your favories, and save a little money over the whole season sets, above.

or alternatly look for all the star trek stuff, by using the searchbox here.

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