Monday, March 20, 2006

Pavlina got it all over Tammy and then some.. a special field report!

I have been told of the new Tammy NYP, Pavlina, and had to do some field research this weekend.
Pavlina should not be confused with Pavlov's Dog. See Wiki.
However, now whenever I hear a bell ring, I get a bonner, so perhaps it is no small coincedents?

Who is Pavlina?
Just some Bitch?
A Russian Classical Pianist turned Porn star?
A youg girl from Belgrade, who accidentaly allowed herself to be filmed with a cell phone while eating a Bone?
An underaged Girl from Singapore with a hunger for "Scooby snacks"?

Some slut that has been getting the attention of all the bloggers lately since we have all spanked ourselves silly with the tammy vid?

Well in order to find the true answer to this new adn most imposing question.. you will just have to come back here.. later.. soon but later.
Seems I have to get ready for work, and if I start to write about this hot hot hot young temptress.. I will be late.. and sticky.. so stay tunned shoppers.. for the ultimate reveal..
DeRex Does Pavlina.. comming soon to a PC Screen near you!!!!

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