Friday, March 24, 2006

Thoughts on Bush... (political rantings, from the publikly edumacated)

No not the kind you eat, the kind that you all whine so fucking much about!
So good news.. This is Bush’s second term.. that means it is also his last term!

Now America is in it’s off cycle elections this year, and we have all seen what the government can get done with a single party in control of the House, Senate and Whitehouse.. and now it appears the Supreme Court.. . Did you like what you saw?

Okay Rush, sit down and stop nodding your big drug addled head.

I mean really, unless you were an oil company, or Halliburton, or a Chinese manufacturer of cheap goods at low prices (due to your use of slave labor) you pretty much went backwards this year.. and probably last year too.

I won’t even get into the attacking Iraq as part of the “War on Terror” ‘cause that’s too stupid for even me to comment on!

What I am saying, is that the Bloggosphere is full to the brim with people who slam Bush.. why do you think his name has been a “hot tag” for so long?
But really there is just one message that says it like it is..
And this little video (educational of course) will tell you what that is.

YEa sure we all thought Having Dick adn Bush in the whitehouse would be cool.. but lets get real this cycle, and take some of the Imperial power away from the Republicals.. just a little that's all I am asking.. (And to think I voted for that asshole!!!)


welcome to wallyworld said...

Vote Pavlina, bitch or Die! That's even better than the last one.

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